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Ex-HMAS Adelaide Scuttling

When: 13th April 2011 10:30am-11:30am
Where: Terrigal/Avoca Beach
Who: Central Coast Tourism
Company: Central Coast Tourism
Phone No: 02 4343 4410

Witness history in the making as the Ex-HMAS Adelaide is scuttled off the Central Coast to create NSW's first artificial reef and dive site. NB: The event is weather dependant and is subject to change if the weather conditions are not right on the day. For updates go to and/or

Note to photographers
The ship will be approx. 1.8 kms offshore so bring appropriate equipment to view and capture the event.
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"You know who that fellow... we been eatin' with every day is?"

In 1952 Robert Nighthawk and Pinetop Perkins lit out from Clarksdale, Mississippi with no space in their car for Nighthawk’s suitcase.  Instead the bluesmen left it at their hotel, the Riverside, in the care of the hotel’s owner: Mrs Z.L. Hill, a gracious woman with a young son.  Nighthawk never came back to collect it.  Fifty years later it’s still there, waiting to be picked up.

The site's Wednesday update includes an article on our adventure in Mississippi, info on 13 Ghosts (the upcoming anthology my new short story will be appearing in), disturbing facts about kissing, I provide you something handy, there's a photo of our front hall at dawn, amazing footage of the videomapping of Prague's astrological tower clock and a music video.
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Huge site update. Loads of content added, like articles and photographs and a currently modest store, all of which will be added to shortly.

This week's piece is about how it's possible to create something uniquely your own and, over time, render yourself the least qualified person on Earth to finish it. This syndrome probably doesn't have a name, but if it does then 'Lucas' should probably be in there somewhere.

I am informed that your muse is a thing you can talk to, like a person. Anecdotally I’ve found this can sometimes yield results. However writers engaging in this practice often live alone because ceaseless mutterings from behind a locked door do not belong in a share house in Fitzroy, they belong in a John Carpenter film.

"I know there’s something you want to say, but I can’t make it happen if you don’t tell me” is how one person put it, and right away I thought it sounded like an abusive relationship. But the technique does work. Or, rather, it can work. However if you accept that the muse can be reasoned with, coaxed, soothed, wooed, conversed with… then you’re pretty much accepting that it’s a person. Or at least a personality. And that means you’ve got a relationship with it. And that means it can all go horribly wrong.

Which brings me to Fateless.
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I could use some advice RE a website. I run one using WordPress. It uses a pre-fab theme, but I need to modify the HTML (specifically I need the header to include a graphic and a PayPal button in the sidebar. And I need to insert some code into the HEAD section.) Anyone out there feel like spending five minutes educating me about what I'm sure is bleedin' obvious?
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Man, I had such a crush on the singer for the longest time for this one track. Loved that voice.
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They had two songs and vanished. Still dig this one to death, though. Thank God for YouTube, and RealPlayer's ability to DL vids from YT and convert them to MP3 for replay on my iPhone. Which I connect to the internet. Here. In the future.

Got four hours sleep and feel pretty good. Ghost story isn't as good as I'd hoped not close. Don't ever let anyone tell you writing for kids is a doddle. Had to shelve three ideas and frankly I'm feeling just a touch of performance anxiety. The latest one was based on a good scare, but... it'd work better as a visual rather than textual one.

Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck. Seriously. I can see myself scrapping the weekend over this.
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This is brilliant. Really takes off around the two minute mark. Audio NSFW.
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Been awake for about 26 hours. Added a bunch of stuff to the site. 'Dealt' with a bank. Shopped. Seem to be doing this without the need for food, which is odd, but fantastic for my girlish figure. Teeth. Sleep for 2-4. Then I've got to make this ghost story work, or saw the legs off it and frontload it onto something better.
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From an email:

Ahoy, NaNoLand!

There are only nine days until Script Frenzy begins. That's about as long as it takes me to clean my house, and a significantly shorter amount of time than it takes to knit a sweater of spun yak hair.

More to the point, nine days is exactly the right amount of time for you to commit to writing a script this April.

Script Frenzy will get you exercising a different kind of writing muscle---one that focuses on dialogue and descriptive action. Other excellent perks: you can write with a partner if you wish, and choose your genre! Try your hand at writing a series of TV shows, short films, a screenplay, stage play, or graphic novel/comic.

If you know a kid or teen who loves writing, send them on over to! Script Frenzy is fool-proof fun for kids and adults alike. Almost as fun as working with yak yarn!

And that's not all from OLL. In late summer of 2011, we're launching Camp NaNoWriMo, a pared down version of the novel-in-a-month challenge. Get ready to strap on your hiking boots, grab a water bottle, and head to camp! We'll canoe around the lake of inspiration, share ideas and encouragement with our cabin mates, and hit the 50,000-word bullseye. Stay tuned for more news on the summer session.

I can't wait to see you there!

NaNoWriMo Program Director

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It's almost 5am. I've just revamped my website and added an article on the Amanda Palmer appearance at MU.

You can read it here. Yes I'm trying to drive traffic to it.

The site's getting updated every Wednesday. It also has a catchy new title that I'm planning on keeping forever.
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Nathan Fillion got his start in soaps. One Life to Live, specifically. There's this convention in soap of the long slow close up, with the camera zooming or dollying in after one character dumps something heavy on another. It takes forever, this kind of close-up, and it can be excruciating trying to act through. A guy named Michael Knight clued Fillion in on handling it. He said that kind of close up is acted through in three stages: "Did I leave the oven on?" --> "I left the oven on!" --> "I didn't leave the oven on."

Every single time.

Or alternatively: "Did I leave the cat out?" --> "I left the cat out!" --> "I don't have a cat."
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The Arab League has just formally proposed a resolution at the UN Security Council to create a no-fly zone over Libya. After weeks of international deadlock, this is the moment of truth -- and if we don't persuade the UN to act now, we could see in Libya one of the worst bloodbaths of our new century.

Qaddafi's forces are crushing the rebellion town by town. If they retake the country, brutal retribution awaits Libyans who challenged the regime. Already, reports of torture and killing are flowing from retaken areas.

Ordinary Libyans are asking if the world has abandoned them. The Avaaz community is deeply committed to non-violence, but enforcing a no-fly zone to ground Qaddafi's gunships is one case where UN-backed military action seems necessary. Polls of our community show 86% of us support a no-fly zone. Now, as the decisive UN vote nears, it's time for the biggest outcry we can raise.

We cheered when Libya's people rose up, and we cannot, we must not, ignore their plea for help now, in their darkest hour. Even if you've sent one before, click to send a message to the UN Security Council now:

The UN is split, but the ground is shifting rapidly -- with China, Russia, and Germany arguing against, and the Arab League, the Islamic Conference, the UK, and France pushing in favor. The US and India are on the fence. This is no old-style East-West debate, nor, as some fear, an oil-grab conspiracy. The Libyan provisional council, which France has recognized as Libya's legitimate government, is desperately calling for the no-fly zone and international support, but with each passing day, the danger grows that any help will come too late.

A no-fly zone alone isn't a silver bullet -- it should be matched by still-stronger targeted sanctions and asset freezes, jamming of Qaddafi's violence-inciting broadcasts, and more countries extending diplomatic recognition to Libya's provisional council. Even with all of that, it could fall short. But those opposing strong action must ask whether, with tens of thousands of lives in the balance, they're ready to call for inaction.

International law and the UN Security Council have made clear that, when mass crimes against humanity are committed, the international community has a responsibility to protect people from these crimes, even if their attacker is their own government. While we do not yet know the full magnitude of Qaddafi's crimes, we cannot look away. Click to send an urgent message to the UN Security Council delegates:

In the best-case scenario, Qaddafi would react to a UN resolution about a no-fly zone by ending his air attacks. But if he does not, enforcing the no-fly zone would require strikes on fighters he attempts to use, and possibly air strikes on Qaddafi's anti-aircraft missile batteries. There is a chance that a no-fly zone could lead to deeper international military involvement in Libya.

While the world (and Avaaz) objected strongly to George W. Bush's war in Iraq, and we have advocated for peaceful solutions to conflicts in numerous places, this is not Iraq. If we don't act soon, Libya could look more like Darfur, with massive crimes against humanity committed against whole communities of people. The Qaddafi regime has a long history of torture, massacring its own people and sponsoring international terrorism, and the Libyan people are unified against Qaddafi’s troops – even his own tribe and hometown have distanced themselves from his actions.

The situation in Libya -- and the world's response to it -- is complex, with many different actors and agendas, and the future of a post-Qaddafi Libya remains unclear. While this complexity must dictate the care we take in our actions, for the sake of tens of thousands of Libyan people, it cannot, it must not, render us inactive. Let's make the best choice we can, and act, now.

With hope,

Stephanie, Ricken, Ben, Alice, Graziela, Benjamin, Rewan, and the whole Avaaz team
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Had an incredibly productive day that soured at the end. So for the first time in months I just sat on a couch and watched TV with a bottle of red and a cat. SBS2 was screening an Icelandic film set in Reykjavik. The story was okay, but my heart swelled at the sight of houses with painted corrugated iron walls, the Coke intake, the coffee intake, the Lucky Strikes, that particular brand of joviality, the sight of that particular cathedral, or instinctively spotting Videy from a crane shot. I got to see it all wintry and snowbound as well.

It was like my heart was trying to get through the screen. Srsly.
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Hi folks. If'n you know people anywhere on Earth that might need an editor (be they a student, or a company), keep me in mind? I have plans, and they require fundage.

Please bear in mind that I can do this for anyone on Earth with an internet connection.

The ramble I posted elsewhere reads:

I’m an internationally published author and journalist offering diligent, quality copy editing for your document, report, project, campaign and/or thesis at a rate of $25 per 1000 words.

Read more... )
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So the article's in The Age today. They didn't include any of the identifying info I supplied, compressed it and rewrote the ending as a single cheeseball line, but it's there, in Epicure. At least I get an 'Age Photographer' credit.

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