Mar. 25th, 2011

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Been awake for about 26 hours. Added a bunch of stuff to the site. 'Dealt' with a bank. Shopped. Seem to be doing this without the need for food, which is odd, but fantastic for my girlish figure. Teeth. Sleep for 2-4. Then I've got to make this ghost story work, or saw the legs off it and frontload it onto something better.
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This is brilliant. Really takes off around the two minute mark. Audio NSFW.
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They had two songs and vanished. Still dig this one to death, though. Thank God for YouTube, and RealPlayer's ability to DL vids from YT and convert them to MP3 for replay on my iPhone. Which I connect to the internet. Here. In the future.

Got four hours sleep and feel pretty good. Ghost story isn't as good as I'd hoped not close. Don't ever let anyone tell you writing for kids is a doddle. Had to shelve three ideas and frankly I'm feeling just a touch of performance anxiety. The latest one was based on a good scare, but... it'd work better as a visual rather than textual one.

Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck. Seriously. I can see myself scrapping the weekend over this.
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Man, I had such a crush on the singer for the longest time for this one track. Loved that voice.


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