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Huge site update. Loads of content added, like articles and photographs and a currently modest store, all of which will be added to shortly.

This week's piece is about how it's possible to create something uniquely your own and, over time, render yourself the least qualified person on Earth to finish it. This syndrome probably doesn't have a name, but if it does then 'Lucas' should probably be in there somewhere.

I am informed that your muse is a thing you can talk to, like a person. Anecdotally I’ve found this can sometimes yield results. However writers engaging in this practice often live alone because ceaseless mutterings from behind a locked door do not belong in a share house in Fitzroy, they belong in a John Carpenter film.

"I know there’s something you want to say, but I can’t make it happen if you don’t tell me” is how one person put it, and right away I thought it sounded like an abusive relationship. But the technique does work. Or, rather, it can work. However if you accept that the muse can be reasoned with, coaxed, soothed, wooed, conversed with… then you’re pretty much accepting that it’s a person. Or at least a personality. And that means you’ve got a relationship with it. And that means it can all go horribly wrong.

Which brings me to Fateless.

Date: 2011-03-30 03:04 am (UTC)
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Release early, release often :)


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