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Each week The Gruen Transfer has two ad agencies attempt to promote something unsellable: child labour, not coming to Australia, that kind of thing. On the seventh episode they had to promote an Australian invasion of New Zealand.

I love the first one. It takes a New Zealand promo campaign and repurposes it, before cutting into a fantastic use of AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck.'

The second one won unanimously though. I'm guessing the judging was based on what they thought stood the best chance of actually working as a campaign, whereas the first is just hysterically funny.

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The Gruen Transfer had a quick look at the winning ad from the Canne... Festival? Of... Ads? last week. You've probably seen it: it's the Cadbury's Chocolate ad featuring the gorilla. Anyway, in showing it to [ profile] morgan303 I stumbled upon something that had us both laughing our heads off.

Suez - Bon Jovi (Cannes Lions 2008 Gold Winner)

And if you haven't see it, here's the Cadbury ad. Generally speaking I can't stand advertising, but I have to admit that this puts a big smile on my face. You may well wonder why, and all I can do is shrug.

Cadbury - Gorilla (Cannes Lions 2008 Grand Prix)
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I promised people a while back that I'd link to this.

It's the Count from Sesame Street, with one small little edit.


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