Feb. 14th, 2011

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I've started getting feedback from about five readers now, some of it qualified but all of it definitely very positive. Compared to the death march Fateless was this fantastic.

Library day. Twentysomething guy behind me in a white t-shirt and white stretch jeans with Elvis aviators and a quiff has golden angel wings strapped to him, and his lady friend is carrying a cellophane bag full of golden heart balloons. She keeps telling him "You'll be fine, you'll be fine..." I guess he agreed to get pimped out for some cheeseball VD promotion.

Started fixing bodyclock last night. Woke at 4am as a result. Not exactly sharp at the moment, but looking forward to getting work done. If I can keep my eyes open.

[personal profile] rufus got in touch to work out plans for New Orleans. Could still happen but realistically probably not. I need to start saving up an advertising fund for Falling in 2012, which includes airfare to whatever countries publish it. So we're calling NO a plan for 2012.
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For the month of March Angry Robot Books are opening their doors to unsolicited manuscripts from unagented authors.

They look professional and publish the likes of Dan Abnett and K.W. Jeter.

If you have something ready to go, this would probably be a good time to stick it in an envelope. If they take you on then getting agent becomes a hell of a lot simpler and, from there, paradoxically, getting published.

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