Feb. 7th, 2011

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"We ain't seen nothing yet." The Government's Climate Advisor Ross Ganaut on the extreme weather devastating Australia.

In order to pay for a flood disaster made more likely by dangerous fossil fuel pollution, the Gillard Government wants to cut and defer $250 million from the Solar Flagships program, meant to fund large-scale solar power stations in Australia.

But we've found a $600m loophole in the way polluting crude oil production is taxed that if closed would easily allow the Prime Minister to keep supporting renewable energy while helping Queenslanders and Victorians.

The flood package is being debated in Parliament this week, so we need to act urgently. The government is relying on support from key independents and the Greens to pass the legislation. Adam Bandt is in the perfect position to influence the flood package's final form. He needs to know that he has your support before he can make a stand and negotiate for our future.

Click here to send a message to Adam Bandt, asking him to support renewable energy.

Here's how the loophole works: having previously promised to tax the crude oil produced by gas companies as a by-product of production (known as condensate) the former Rudd Government gave in to industry lobbyists who bullied politicians into giving them a cheaper tax rate for their polluting oil production if their facility was built before 18 September 1975.

It's an arbitrary policy that was the result of industry lobbying. Just a fortnight ago, Treasury estimated that this benefits the bottom line of big polluters like Woodside to the tune of $600 million a year.

As much of Victoria is still underwater, as bushfires rage in Western Australia, and as Sydney emerges from the biggest heatwave since records started in 1858, we know that cutting clean energy programs is the last thing we should be doing.

That's why its crucial that when Parliament resumes tomorrow, Adam Bandt helps negotiate a solution to fund reconstruction efforts, while also reducing pollution and supporting renewable energy.


Thank you for speaking out,
The GetUp Team

PS -- We're hiring! Are you a talented campaigner? Or can you help us get organized as we scale our work as our Executive Officer? Know someone who you think would be great? Suggest someone to us (or suggest yourself) here


Feb. 7th, 2011 07:51 pm
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Sod all left to do on the book and my eyes feel like they're made of ceramic. Might post a preview chapter to the olde websyte. Got feedback from my psych fact-checker who a). couldn't put it down, b). gives feedback I trust and c). said I didn't need their consult as I'd nailed everything. So that's something. Fingers crossed other readers feel the same way. Should know in a fortnight hopefully.

Went to Moonlight Cinema last night, caught Donnie Darko. Haven't seen it in years. Captures a bang-on sense of 1988. Nails the atmosphere and all the trappings perfectly. Next time we're definitely taking a more comprehensive kit though. Could have used an extra blanket. Load the travel pack, use it as a couch or head-rest or something.

Blargh. Back to it.


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