Jan. 13th, 2011

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Just saw footage of the area I used to live in. I was on Petrie Terrace, near the CBD, equidistant between Suncorp Stadium and the Fourex Brewery. People are taking dinghies through the gates of the latter and boating laps around the former. So, so weird.

Also the water's got human effluent in it, isn't moving, the sun's coming out and the water's stagnating. Mosquitoes and disease are going to be a problem. I'm told by family living in FNQ that Listerine is the best mosquito repellent there is. Just rub it on like regular repellent.

EDIT: a friend also pointed out that vitamin B tabs, taken at about 5pm, change the scent of blood so that one effectively becomes 'invisible' to mozzies. I can't vouch for that, but they ain't crazy, so give it a shot.

Skip that. Our agents field-tested the theory in Guatemala. (But y'know, if it were me facing malaria and I had the pills, I'd take em anyway. Worst that happens is you get vitaminised, right?)

EDIT (via valkyriekaren): if you have any bruises or grazes, cover them up with plasters or gauze. Otherwise the broken blood vessels near the skin will attract the bitey little bastards like crazy.


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