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For some reason I wrote two posts kinda-sorta about 'networking', except that's a loathsome name for what amounts to having friends and not being a dick.

Networking Phase 1: You Think You're Alone

If you were trapped on a desert island with four other people would you or would you not work together to survive?

The creative industry?  Same thing.

The UCLA Mafia? Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola?  Friends.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood? Friends.

Microsoft? Friends.

Marc Maron’s top-rated podcast, WTF, that’s now airing on Chicago Public Radio?  Him and about 200 friends.

Tribes survive, loners die stupid.  Furthermore, this isn’t Lord of the Flies.

Full article here.

The Case for the Karma Collective (can we do away with calling it ‘networking’?)

I like my friends and I’m lucky to have them, so if I can do something for them I will. Especially if it’s something that will add to their life. I did that twice over the last few months and it wasn’t until some time after that I realised how much everyone concerned had gained – or stands to gain – as a result, and was a big inspiration for writing these three(?) articles.

This article features me going on about [personal profile] cavalorn quite a bit, and using personal experience to hopefully make a solid case for consideration of others being a major help in both you and those close to you getting ahead.

Third and final article next week... assuming my related side project bears a little fruit and I have something to talk about as a result.

Full article here.

Or you could just head over to and browse to your heart's content.  While there, you could always click the little button in the top left and subscribe for updates.  Just saying.

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