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The Pod is up - we're stopping Arctic drilling!

In the chill, pale pre-dawn of Sunday morning, just as the Arctic sun began to glimmer above the horizon, I climbed down the pilot ladder of the Esperanza - our Greenpeace ship.

Waiting below was the inflatable that raced me over the freezing waters of the Davis Strait towards the looming figure of the Leiv Eiriksson - Cairn's Arctic driller.

Support us by emailing Cairn's bosses to demand their spill response plan

Yellow and orange lights from the rusty rig twinkled through the sea spray as we closed in on our target, turning sharply to avoid the Danish warship that moved as if to block our path.

Within moments we were behind the rig.

Leaping from our inflatable onto a tiny ladder that climbed the sheer face of Leiv Eiriksson's leg, I quickly scaled the 30 metres to our anchor point, safely attaching myself to the superstructure.

A few minutes later a second inflatable appeared - again dodging the navy - with the survival pod itself in tow. Using pulleys we began to haul our yellow friend upwards, right in front of the warship and under the noses of its disbelieving crew. It didn't take too long to get the pod in position, safely anchored close to the huge drilling equipment Cairn plans to use here.

Since then we've been getting comfortable in our little pod home and we intend to stay here as long as we can, stopping this reckless drilling.

But you don't have to be in the Arctic to take action.

While we've been jumping on Cairn's rig, 12,525 of you have emailed the company's bosses, asking them to release their spill response plan. A document that important shouldn't be kept secret, not unless you've got something to hide.

But there's been a development.

Our friends back in the UK office tell us that Cairn have started blocking our emails, preferring to ignore the voices of reason.

Cairn has even started to claim that they can't legally publish the spill response plans, an argument rubbished by our lawyers in Denmark.

But while they can block emails from our website, they can't block emails coming directly from you.

Please support our Arctic action by emailing Cairn's boss Bill Gammell and his sidekick David Nisbet directly, asking for their oil spill response plan.

The Arctic is too precious for these rusty drills.

Follow the live progress, pictures and video from our Arctic action on the Greenpeace website.

Bye for now,

Luke (one half of the pod team)


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